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Meet The Team

We proudly present: our Lady Day team! This lively and dedicated team works daily to create the most beautiful collections for Lady Day. We're constantly in close contact with our customers and suppliers, and our warehouse team is always busy fulfilling the latest orders.


Showroom & Account Manager

Fashion is my passion. I am always looking for the latest trends and developments. My love for fashion continued growing during my education at the Jan des Bouvrie College. Currently, I work as Showroom and Account Manager at Lady Day. I have daily contact with our customers. I also work on our social media and photo shoots.




At Lady Day, I primarily handle administrative tasks behind the scenes. In the office, we always have a good time and are always there for each other. I am a student, and I am always doing something creative in my spare time.


Back Office Manager

I work from our Winschoten office as a Back Office Manager, which requires me to have a wide range of skills. I love ensuring everything runs smoothly; I am a real jack of all trades.
When you ask questions by email, app, or phone, you will probably get to speak to me!

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Design & Product Manager

After graduating from TMO, my career "officially" began. With extensive experience and knowledge in various fields, such as sales and design, working with the product is what I enjoy the most. Being a part of Lady Day, a beautiful brand, is truly wonderful! Since the beginning, I have been a member of the team and have been able to make my own contributions. Our fantastic team is committed to expanding and creating the most beautiful collections for you!



I am a busy bee and have a passion for clothes and fashion.
Alongside my colleagues, I ensure that the warehouse runs smoothly and that all orders,whether one item or an entire collection, are handled and shipped out efficiently!

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Managing Director

Fashion has been a part of my life since I was young. I have been in the business for over 20 years, and my experience and knowledge can be put to good use at Lady Day. My job is versatile, and every day is different. All of this, combined with a lovely, lively, and dedicated team, makes my job a real pleasure.

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