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Pictogrammen Travel 2.jpg
Pictogrammen Travel 2.jpg


Our travelkwaliteit is made of high-quality polyamide. This ensures that the fabric is breathable, soft, and lightweight. Due to the amount of elastane, our travelkwaliteit is super stretchy. All this makes for excellent wearing comfort.

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Our premium travelkwaliteit is robust due to the high-quality polyester and elastane. This makes the product long-lasting and, therefore, sustainable.

Our buyers and product developers constantly strive to improve our product and make it even more sustainable.

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Wash & Care

You, too, can ensure that your product lasts. Travelkwaliteit is easy to maintain and lasts even longer if you take good care of it. To this end, Lady Day has set up a Wash & Care plan. Want to know more? Then click the button below.

Follow our Wash & Care tips to enjoy your product as long as possible. Better for the world and your wallet! Want to read more Wash & Care tips? Then follow us on Instagram. We regularly post new Wash & Care tips!

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