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Wash & Care

Follow our Wash & Care tips to enjoy your product as long as possible. Better for the world and your wallet! Want to read more Wash & Care tips? Then follow us on Instagram. We regularly post new Wash & Care tips!


#001 White Travel Quality

If your travel product is white, you'll want to keep it that way. We recommend hand washing white travel clothing so it stays white longer. In the washing machine, residue can be left behind that will stick to the fabric and discolors your clothing. After hand washing, do not soak, but hang immediately.


#002 Black Travel Quality

Black and colored travel clothes are best washed on a "delicate wash" cycle at up to 30 degrees. Can you set the rpm on your washing machine? If so, use a rpm no higher than 800.

Blouse in hanger

#003 Hang to dry

Travel clothes dry quickly, so they do not need to be tumble-dried. Your clothes will maintain their quality best if dried on a clothes hanger.

Gestreken White Shirts

#004 Iron Travel Quality

Travel clothing does not crease; hang it on a hanger if slightly wrinkled. The wrinkles will disappear before your very eyes. However, if you still want to iron it, we suggest using the lowest temperature setting on the iron.

Wash en Care 005.jpg

#005 Refresh Travel products

Do you have a stain on your travel clothing? Then you can often simply remove it with a cloth and some water. Because the fabric is breathable and you don't sweat as much while wearing it, you can also hang your clothes outside in the fresh air. This means less washing machine usage, which is good for the environment!

Wash en Care 006.jpg

#006 Hand steamer

Instead of ironing, you can also dry clean your clothes. Quick and easy! There are a lot of good hand steamers that you can take with you when you travel. A good hand steamer can also kill up to 99% of bacteria. By doing this, you can prevent odors from sticking to your clothes and avoid having to wash them as frequently.

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